HEX RECORDINGS : Angels From Hell – (Various Artists) Triple-Red-Vinyl – XXX008 |

Angels From Hell

(Various Artists)


XXX008 |

We’re very excited to celebrate the 2nd Anniversary of «HEX Recordings» so for the occasion, we decided to create the most powerful release so far, a Triple-Vinyl Various Artists, which includes the creations of some of the artists that are closest to the Movement but never released on the label until now like Rebekah, Cleric, Remco Beekwilder, together with new members like Benjamin Damage, AEIT, Imperial Black Unit, End Train, Rommek, Maere, 6Siss and of course some of the ambassadors of the label like Under Black Helmet, VII Circle and the two HEX Founders Paolo Ferrara and Lorenzo Raganzini.

The title of the release is «Angels From Hell» and it represents the most ambitious release ever created by HEX. 3 flaming Red colour Vinyl, together with some new T-shirts + Hoodie characterised by the VA’s unique design.

15 Artists will represent the unity under Techno of 7 different countries: France, England, Italy, Netherlands, Lithuania, Belgium and Israel.

Vinyl 1

A1 – Rebekah – You Be The Leader
A2 – Paolo Ferrara & Lorenzo Raganzini – Sanitary Dictature
A3 – AEIT – 12 Gauge
B1 – VII Circle – Demons
B2 – Rommek – Mezcal Worm

Vinyl 2

C1 – Cleric – The Puppet Master 
C2 – Remco Beekwilder – Air Of The 90s
D1 – AnD – Fearless

D2 – Benjamin Damage – Matriachy

Vinyl 3 

E1 – Under Black Helmet – The Purist
E2 – MAERE & 6SISS – Organisms
F1 – Imperial Black Unit – Broken Tools
F2 – End Train – Ctrl+Alt+Delete The System

Masters by Alain Paul (Germany)
Design by Giambrone Studio


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