We has been providing a highly valued promotional services for labels at an affordable price. 

This means you can now promote your music to your pool of DJs and recipients in an appealing way. 

We has been delivering DJ-promo mail-outs for many labels to an ever growing solid pool of DJs, blogs/magazines and promoters worldwide, making sure that your music reaches the right people!

  1. Building release strategy directly with you
  2. Campaigns run for at least 4 weeks
  3. Professionally written press release and release/artist biography
  4. Coverage in many forms (interviews , premiers, reviews, news items, features etc.)
  5. Personal connection with every cliente


THOT Pr offers high quality audio mastering for artists and labels that release Techno. 

Our experienced mixing and mastering engineer uses top level analog and digital equipment to give your music a complete and professional sound to bring out the full potential of your tracks and allow them to compete with major commercial releases.


Operating since 2005, THOT Pr Team has been offering one of the most personal and affordable digital distribution services around. Being involved in the ever-growing market of digital music sales we are connected to over 30 shops enabling us to deliver your musical content to all download-portals and streaming services in electronic music.

We tend to serve as the middleman between your label and online shops by providing personal support and advice.